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Dragons are henceforth a feminist icon. You’re no longer allowed to participate in the appreciation of dragons and dragons in culture unless you’re totally down for helping the equality movement. 

Anti-feminist blogs are mad about this post so everyone should reblog it.

I saved this image off Tumblr awhile ago and I never thought I’d find another use for it



A loft bar full of DFATD and CIDA student employees with those BINGO style get to know you sheets. For an anxious girl afraid of heights, it was ultimate nightmare scenario time. I was everyone’s answer to either “do you have a tattoo” or “were you born in Toronto or Montréal” and had to stand between two dudes I didn’t know in a group photo full of people I don’t know. Though the Moscow Tea Room was really classy and neat on the inside.

→ Click here to support Veterinary Bills for Melba the Cat by Petite Fleur



This is my cat that needs surgery and it is serious and needs to happen soon. Please share this post even if you are unable to donate to help me out. Thank you so much lovelies!

Help my darling best friend fund surgery for her beautiful rescue kitty. The agency who placed Melba with her stated she had no health problems, and $2500 in vet bills later, my friend had one sick kitty and is doing her very best to save this loving feline. Any amount is helpful!

It is that time of the morning when the pizza/shawarma place across the road makes the super delicious very addictive garlic sauce. Now all I want is all of the food dipped in all of the garlic sauce. It is a blessing and a curse living twenty feet from this place.

I am like 200 pages into the Luminaries and what the fuck are these people even up to? I am sure the next 650 pages will be very ~illuminating~.

Eleanor Catton is doing a lunch with the author type thing in Ottawa soon but tickets are $85. So, that’s not happening.

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